Design process

Euro-Rigging employs a phased structure for the execution of a design order, enabling us to make the journey from a package of wishes and requirements to a fully-fledged design using small steps.

This structure serves as the basis for a quote and will clarify, during consultations with the client, what we will and won’t do in a given phase, and what the client will receive and won’t receive after its completion.

The design process below serves as a guideline. It deals with a full design cycle, from the initial functional specifications through to the delivery of the as-built package of drawings. In terms of the scope of this, many smaller projects will only go through a part of this cycle.

The following phases make up the extensive design process:

  1. Functional specifications, wishes and requirements
  2. Design process containing: conceptual study, basic design and a detailed design
  3. Shop drawings
  4. Manual – instruction and risk assessment
  5. Design report
  6. As-built drawings

Each phase is concluded by a (summarising) report in which it is clearly stated what is ready and concluded and what must be undertaken in the following phase. This report is subjected to in-house inspection before being released.
Further, the concept, the detailed design and the final report are also subjected to a design review together with the client.

In the pdf file below you will find a detailed description of all the different phases in the design process.

pdf logo Download (68kb)

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