Euro-Rigging pays great attention to ensuring that the level of knowledge and experience of the team of engineers and consultants is maintained at a high level. Right from the start Euro-rigging demands as a minimum a technical high school or technical university education in mechanical engineering. For consultants this means gaining practical, on-the-job experience, with additional (mainly internal) training in the development of methodologies for the lifting and transporting of heavy and bulky loads.

In the area of design the focus is on the building up of knowledge and experience with various design tools such as CAD and calculation packages. Knowledge of the crane or lifting machine as an engineering structure is gained by assisting in current projects under the supervision of a senior engineer.

An engineer at Euro-Rigging has a wide technical orientation and combines a thorough theoretical basis with considerable practical experience. Specific subjects that are important for the activities of Euro-Rigging naturally attract special attention and are maintained at a high level by external training or courses.

All engineers hold in addition a VCA-VOL certificate.

The specially trained offshore team members are ILO certified, have undergone a full medical examination and have Basic Offshore Safety Introduction & Emergency Response training, including the Opito Airpocket in accordance with Nogepa code 0.5A.

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